Physical Fitness & Hunting

Physical Fitness & Hunting




The Physical Fitness & Hunting tips I will share with you come from a simplistic / common sense approach that is also cost effective. There is no need for a personal trainer, dietician or gym membership.

THE ONE NECCESSITY IS YOUR DESIRE TO CHANGE!!!!-if you have that it will happen...

If while you are reading this article you find yourself in a good state of Physical Fitness, good job...Keep it up!!!

If while reading this article you find yourself in a less than desireable state of Physical Fitness, let me give you some real world Physical Fitness & Hunting Tips!!!


"Good things come to those who wait...but greater things come to those who get off their ass and do anything to make it happen"


From a personal hunting perspective I can assure you that being in in good physical shape will add to the quality of your time in the outdoors...

It allows me to hunt harder, longer and makes me much more apt to cover ground and hunt further from the truck. Having a good state of Physical Fitness also allows me to get right out of bed on those cold dreary mornings and hit the woods when others decide to sleep in and make excuses.   Not to mention the piece of mind I have when dragging a deer out of the woods not contemplating a heart attack.


Now to you...

As long as you are willing to put some roadwork and dedication in,  you can really change the quality of your hunts as well as your life..

START SLOW...if it's been a while since you have execised consistently, start by walking (with a purpose) 3 times a week for 20 minutes around your neighborhood or in your woods.(After 3 weeks of this increase the distance and time to 30 min)

The Key to Physical Fitness & Hunting is once you start your program, be consistent with it and you will see change. It is also important to increase both the length and exertion level of your exercise program with time. This is what will change your life forever- don't give up!!!

" Exercise is the only real fountain of youth that exists "

On the days that you are not walking- make sure you do some push ups/ situps and STRETCH. This will not only help tone and create flexiblity for your muscles but it will also burn calories. 

* If you have weights sitting around, incorporate them (resistance training is great for Physical Fitness), but if you don't , push ups/ situps will do.


If you already do some exercising periodically- step it something different like jogging, hiking hills and mountains...


" Those who don't find time for exercise will have to find time for Illness"



Plays a major role in staying Physically Fit...

No crash diets, no dieticians, no need to become a vegetarian (we already eat them- deer)

Again, apply common sense to what you put into your body.

* Always eat breakfast-get your metabolism kick started.

* Drink more water- 64oz daily.

* Eat portion controlled meals. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with 2 snacks in between meals.

* Take in less Sugar (soft drinks, cakes, cookies)

* Lessen your bread & pasta intake.

*  Take in less Fats ( ice cream, butter, bacon)

*  Eat more lean meat- DEER MEAT-Duh...

* The more colors the better when eating  fruits and vegetables

* If you find yourself bothered by allergies/ pollen, I suggest getting yourself some local honey. This stuff is great for your immune system.

**If you can exert some discipline in the FOOD department,  you will see a big difference in your waist line as well as your timeline in life***


**Schedule a annual physical exam with a physician in order to have blood work done and your blood pressure checked (piece of mind) **

**Floss Daily!!- Good for your Teeth and your Heart ** 


If you take anything from my article remember the phrase..



As long as ACTIVITY outweighs INACTIVITY in your life and you pay mind to your diet,  you will prosper in many ways, and I guarantee that when you head into the woods this hunting season you will hunt harder, longer and you will find walking less strenuous, you wont be breathing as hard  and you will sweat less ( therfore leaving less scent in the air).  You will feel more comfortable and safer in the treestand from the weight you have lost and the strength you have gained.

Not only will your Hunts change for the better but so will your life. In life there are many things we can't control but EXERCISE & DIET aren't two of them....


I encourage you to get started today!!!!

    Go Ahead..Get Movin!!    


by-Jeff Phillips


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